Use of user data

Registration data and certain other information about you will be shared with our Service Operator and is subject to our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy & Terms available here: or from the settings menu of the Nuvu app.

Signing up and Logging into Nuvu

Sign Up
– To access Nuvu, you will need to create an account.
– You can choose ‘Sign up with email’ Or ‘Sign up with facebook’ depending upon – your choice of email or facebook.
– Complete the steps and get a success message as a confirmation of your successful sign up.

– If you have signed up via email / facebook already, you can now access Nuvu.
– If you signed up via email, enter your sign up email and password and click on the grey ‘Log in with email’ button.
– In case you used facebook for signing up, click on the blue ‘Connected via facebook? Login here’ button, enter the facebook credentials used for signup and you should be able to access Nuvu.
– Remember to check for extra spaces / dots in the username / password which might cause them to fail.

Nuvu Troubleshooting guide

Welcome to Nuvu tips and tricks. Please refer to an appropriate category to find out more:


  1. Unable to download overnight?

1. Check your subscription. It might have expired!

2. Make sure you have a stable data connection. Watch out for network fluctuations.

3. Check if Nuvu is barred from accessing data on your smartphone.

4. Avoid power saving / data saving modes being active.

5. Verify if Nuvu is whitelisted from battery optimization (Standard on Android 6 & above OR 3rdparty battery apps).


  1. Download successful – but not able to playback?

1. Your subscription might have been suspended due to non-payment.

2. Logout and restart Nuvu. Try again after a fresh login.

3. Remove the content and try downloading it again.


  1. Unable to browse or queue downloads?

1. Verify your subscription is not expired / suspended.

2. Make sure you have a data connection and Nuvu is not barred from accessing data.

3. Logout and restart Nuvu. Try again after a fresh login.

How does Nuvu work?

With a Nuvu subscription you have unlimited access to all the content. You simply browse through the catalogue and download any programs you want to watch.

Once downloaded, which typically happens overnight, you can watch the program as many times as you want for 30 days, after which the program is automatically deleted from your device.

Remember your subscription includes unlimited viewing and the data needed to download the content. So there are absolutely no hidden fees!

What content is available on Nuvu?

We offer thousands of titles across genres such as movies, TV series, kids programming, music videos etc.

We also offer a balanced mix of local and international content and source it from some of the largest studios across the globe.

What do I need to watch Nuvu?

Nuvu supports all Android devices with Operating System / Version 4.2 and above. You will ideally need 4GB of free space on your phone to fully enjoy the Nuvu service (we store the downloads on your phone).

What devices do you support?

Currently we only support smartphones running Android version 4.2 and above

Not supported:
– Phablets/tablets (coming soon)
– Blackberry’s
– iOS devices
– Rooted devices
– Devices with custom ROMs

Can I watch as much as I want?

Yes, as long as you have a subscription there is no limitation in regards to how many programs you can download and watch

How many programs can I have downloaded on my phone?

We do not put any restrictions on your usage! The only limiting factor is how much storage capacity you have on your smartphone.

How long does it take to download a program?

It depends on the length of the program and your connection speed. In general we download programs overnight which makes it possible to offer Nuvu at a low price including data charges.

For how long will the programs be saved on my phone?

Once downloaded the program will be stored on your smartphone for 30 days. As long as you have a valid subscription you will be able to watch the program. You can delete programs earlier than 30 days if you wish to do so.

How do I set the parental control?

Navigate to settings. Then toggle the Parental Control (click on the text or icon).

Enter a selected PIN (please note the PIN down!) Then set the age restriction.

Example: if you don’t want your kid to watch movies above a certain age you select the age grade then press “Enable”

Do I need to be an Airtel Customer to use Nuvu?

Yes, Nuvu is a service provided by Airtel and Nuvu to Airtels Customers

How do I subscribe?

Under Settings you can manage your subscription including signing up, cancelling or changing between monthly and weekly packages.

To get started we offer 14 days free trial. After that you can choose between a monthly or weekly subscription.

The subscription fees include unlimited viewing including the data needed to download the content. So there are absolutely no hidden fees!

How much data does Nuvu consume?

When you subscribe to Nuvu your data is inclusive! So you don’t need to worry about data for the movies and series. One hour of Nuvu content equals approximately 250MB of data.

How much does Nuvu cost?

Nuvu offers 14 days FREE trial to all new customers. After this period the user can choose between Weekly package @N875 or Monthly package @N1750. Including the data!

Your subscription will automatically renew after 7 or 30 days. You can cancel your subscription at any time under “My Subscriptions”

My subscribtion got canceled, can i still re-subscribe and use my old account?

Yes, you can still re-subscribe. Login with your old credentials and navigate to “Manage Subscriptions” (Home>Settings>Manage subscription)

How do I cancel my subscription?

In the app, under Settings you can manage your subscription including signing up, cancelling or changing between monthly and weekly packages. To make life easy for you, you can cancel at any time

I lost/forgot my password, can you help me?

Yes of course, when trying to login, click on the small link below the “login button” that states “forgot password” to reset password directly.

If you don’t receive a password reset link, please call customer support instead (To call us, just dial 111/121 from your Airtel phone)

Will scheduled downloads work if app is closed?

We strongly recommend you to have the app open and the phone charged, some devices might not wake up during the download window. This is the best way to ensure that you wake up to some new entertainment

I don’t remember my parental guidance PIN, can you help?

Try to type the Pin 3 times, if you still don’t remember the pin you will get prompted with a message saying “Enter your account password” type in your login password, that you use to sign in to Nuvu, and we will display your pin!

I can’t download movies or series’

If you have issues with download, please try the following steps:
(1) Check network connection, sometimes it helps to toggle flight mode on and off
(2) Log out and then into the account again
(3) Assure you have an active subscription by navigating to (Home>Settings>Manage subscriptions)
(4) Please make sure your device is charged and connected to the charger overnight
(5) Please make sure you have disabled battery optimization for Nuvu App, see separate tutorial here: How do i disable battery optimization (so Nuvu can download movies overnight)

My queued item didn’t download overnight

Please check that your account is active, the battery is charged, your phone is connected to the power outlet/charger. If you are on an Andriod v6.0 and above you need to disable Battery Optimization, read about it here How do i disable battery optimization (so Nuvu can download movies overnight)

How do i disable battery optimization (so Nuvu can download movies overnight)

In order for Nuvu to be able to download movies and series to your device overnight, we need to be able to wake up the phone during the night. Some newer phones (Andriod v6.0 and above) have this feature disabled  by default. Please make sure you disable battery optimization as per below to enjoy Nuvu downloads!

Step 1- Open the App Drawer then Locate and select Settings. (Can be found in main menu or app drawer on som devices)

Step 2- Touch Battery

Step 3- Tap the 3 stacked dots in the top right

Step 4- Touch Battery Optimization

Step 5- Press the downward pointing arrow

Step 6- Choose All apps

Step 7- Select the Nuvu app then In the pop up window select Don’t optimize


Step 8- Finally press Done

How do I contact Support?

To call us, just dial 111/121 from your Airtel phone. Or visit this page


All support is handled by Airtel and click below to get in touch with them.
Contact support